The State of the Disunion, Part 3

Present Trends Continue …

Part 1 can be found here; Part 2 here)

“A house divided against itself, cannot stand.”

– Abraham Lincoln

            America at the beginning of 2021 is as divided as it was in the beginning of 1861.  Although the sources of the division are different, the magnitude of the division’s depth is the same.  The American electorate of the present can generally be divided into two camps.  One camp believes in the ideals of the Founder and of Western Civilization.  The other camp believes this country’s sins are irredeemable.  One camp believes in the constitution as written and amended.  The other camp believes in the constitution either as an impediment to their designs or as a living document that can be shaped according to their own political will.  Cancel culture runs rampant, and no American icon is safe.  We can’t even agree over which bathrooms to use, and get into arguments about whether men can get pregnant (with some social media banning people who utter such “hate speech).

            What cannot continue, won’t.  And this current state absolutely cannot continue.  Yet with the divisions so deep and the differences so irreconcilable, it’s increasingly hard to imagine any resolution that truly leaves us as “United” per the name of our country.

The Current Trajectory:

       If nothing else changes, the present direction of our country is almost certainly going to leave us worse off.  As outlined in Part 1 of this series, virtually all of our important institutions are broken.  Our constitution serves as nothing more than a set of suggestions to be conveniently ignored by those in power. Cancel culture runs rampant, with rights increasingly denied to those who express the “wrong” opinions.    Our college campuses, far from being a place for the open exchange of ideas, have become hotbeds of intolerance and censorship.  And speaking of censorship, the social media giants have done more than their fair share of that, with warnings, suspensions, and their ministry-of-truth fact checks.  Of course, they have had plenty of assistance from the corporate media.  In Orwell’s nightmare, it would be the government engaging in this kind of thought control.  Even his imagination wasn’t dark enough to contemplate that corporations would willingly pick up the mantle on their own. 

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