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Welcome to Spirit of Cecilia’s sub-page!

What we are:

Our purpose is to promote and publish the creative works of Hillsdale College students past and present, for we believe that it is with art (in all forms) that we can save the world.

What we are looking for:

  • Creative Fiction (especially fantasy and science fiction)
  • Translations of poetry and prose from their original languages
  • Art
  • Music
  • Any expression of imagination and creativity which respects the dignity of the human person

How to submit:

Send a pdf of your work to along with a brief summary/explanation of your submission.

What you get out of submitting to us:

You get the opportunity to have your work published where (hopefully) your fellow students and/or alumni will easily find and enjoy it. By being published digitally and only digitally there is no restriction on how many submissions can be published; the only restriction is your own ability to craft a presentable work of art.

There will be little to no editing or correcting of submitted works by this page’s staff; works might be briefly reviewed then sent back with a few brief notes to the submitter for minor corrections if that is all they require.

Please note: Submissions of essays, papers, and other forms of intellectual discourse are welcome, but if submitted, they will be submitted to Spirit of Cecilia’s main page for consideration of publication, not this sub-page.

Music, Books, Poetry, Film

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