My third substack post, Time, Time Time


My wife, Dedra, and I just spent the past week in Pierre, South Dakota. I’m sure Pierre wouldn’t be for everyone, but I love it. I have my chair of contemplation there, and I take daily walks along the Missouri River. The people are incredibly nice (just like my upbringing in Kansas), and I always feel like a member of a small republic when I’m there.

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Big Big Train: 2017

Now that summer break has arrived, I have so much more time to listen to great music.

I sit here (I have glorious reading chairs in Michigan as well as in South Dakota), and I read and read great books, and, thanks be to God, I listen and listen to great music.

Right now, I’m marveling at Big Big Train in 2017. What a year for the band and for fans. Not one but three releases that year: Grimspound; Second Brightest Star; and London Song.

Really, has any band so wonderfully treated its fan base before or since?

I would unhesitatingly recommend any of these three to anyone.