Crisis in the Catholic Church

Fewer things in the world could be more depressing than reading this article (linked below), explaining how the majority of the Catholic leadership sidestepped a real and meaningful movement toward exposing the darkness now in dwelling in Christ’s house.

US bishops punt resolution encouraging Holy See to release McCarrick documents
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Ugly and, frankly, evil. The decision has more the stench of Satan than of incense.

It’s certainly not the easiest time to be a Roman Catholic, but I see folks like our own Carl Olson and Kevin McCormick fighting the good fight, and they remind me that the Church has faced many such crises before and certainly survived. It will survive this, too.

We live in a crisis of Reformation-sized proportions right now. I thank the Good Lord not just for my friends, but also for my bishop, Earl Boyea, who has unwaveringly fought for the side of truth and, thus, for the victims. I had always thought of my bishop a “good man,” but in the last two months, he has revealed himself to be a “great man.” He has gone from Gandalf the Grey to Gandalf the White.

In other words, I think that Bishop Boyea has become exactly what God created him to be. And, that God would raise up warriors and saints in the midst of crisis should never surprise us, but it should always inspire us.

My fellow Catholics, do not throw in the towel. The enemy–within and without–wants us to divide, to become paranoid, and to become suspicious. The flaw in his plan is multiparted, though. First, Jesus has already won, even if that victory will not be fully experienced until the next world. Second, we each know exactly what is right and what is wrong. Those things NEVER change. In moments of extraordinary crisis, we are called not only to a proper understanding of prudence (to discern good from evil) but also to a proper understanding of fortitude (to fight for right no matter the cost).

At the moment, we cannot afford to entertain compromises or explain away things as greys. Child abuse is ALWAYS and EVERYWHERE evil. There can be no discussion of the nuances of it. It is simply wrong. And, those who commit it are evil, and those who protect those who commit it are equally evil. This is not a question of right or wrong. It’s a question of conquering evil or living with it.