A Mhairead òg, ‘s
tu rinn mo leon
Young Margaret, you are the cause of my grief
Gur cailean bhòidheach lurach thuA bonny, lovely girl you are
Gur guirme do sùil a’ mhadainn chiùinYour eyes are bluer in the calm morning
An dearc air chùl
nan duilleagan
Than the blueberry amongst the leaves
Gur gil‘ thu
ghràidh na ‘n sneachda bàn
You’re more radiant, my love, than the white snow
A’ cur air àird nam monaidheanThat falls on the moorland
Och __ mo
nighean donn
och my dark-haired lassie!
___AULD MUNRO is descended from a long line of Scottish recusants on one side and fanatical Free Church
Calvinists on the other. As a little boy I found the’
Mass soothing and the Calvinists frankly scary.