The very unattractive and irrational “aoc”

Amigo this is the old, old idea (Socialist/Marxist) that entrepreneurial skill and business acumen count for nothing. Essentially all property is theft and inequality of condition is immoral. “Billionaires need no more spiritual defense from me. But AOC’s presumption that all the very rich do is take, take, take ­because they are narcissistic and dishonest at their core is an idea based in rage, not in reason.” Wedgewood and Boulton became prosperous because of hard work, use of new technology and effective marketing campaigns. Just today I was saying that I may not love Trump but one has to give him credit for being an effective and successful business leader and promoter. It is a mistake to merely envy or hate (but it is easy to do). The essence of anti-Semitism and Jew-hatred is based on envy. One should not hate those who are successful but emulate them or at least learn from them. I am no genius myself but smart enough to recognize genuine talent and genius when I see it. And I do not hate those greater than I -I admire them especially when they are good, generous and kind.