Kalthoff receives Daugherty Award at spring convocation — Hillsdale Collegian

Pro­fessor and Chairman of History Mark Kalthoff received the Daugherty Award for Teaching Excel­lence for the fall semester of 2018 at con­vo­cation on Thursday.

“Mark Kalthoff exem­plifies the kind of steady, wise teaching that we prize at the college,” Dean of Faculty and Asso­ciate Pro­fessor of Edu­cation Daniel Cou­pland said in an email. “The hun­dreds of Hillsdale stu­dents who have sat in his classes over the years have been shaped by his deep under­standing of his par­ticular field and of liberal edu­cation in general.”

Dean of Women Diane Philipp said the cri­teria for the Daugherty includes ded­i­cation to one’s pro­fession and craft, sen­si­tivity to stu­dents’ learning, and a demand for excel­lence.
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