the cure at 40

Curaetion. Well worth owning. Trust me!

As noted recently on Spirit of Cecilia, The Cure are on the verge of releasing three new albums. Robert Smith revealed this in an interview with a New Music Express affiliate. Exciting news. Indeed, somewhat astounding news, especially given that the band hasn’t released anything since 2008. When Smith goes into the studio, he clearly means to make the most of it.

Last year, though, Smith gave us a three-disk deluxe set of The Cure’s 1990 remix album, MIXED UP, unquestionably announcing that the band is VERY much alive and well. The music, especially, holds up well.

Just last week, The Cure released its massive eight disks (two blu ray, two DVD, and four CD) of live material, CURAETION, all recorded in in 2018 to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of the band.

What’s astounding to me is that the band sounds as good as it’s ever sounded, and this is saying something special. After all, this is a band that has been audiophiliac from album 1. That forty years on they can still sound so amazing (crisp, intense, meaningful) really does speak volumes about the band.

I’ve been a hardcore fan since JAPANESE WHISPERS first appeared in 1983.

While I don’t mind (not in the least) the wackier, sillier, poppier side of The Cure (for example, “Friday I’m in Love”), I have always preferred the band’s darker side. DISINTEGRATION is still a top-ten album for me, whatever music genre we’re discussing. To me, DISINTEGRATION is every bit as prog-gy as CLOSE TO THE EDGE.

Regardless, I highly recommend CURAETION. You’ll have to choose between a variety of sets, but choose you must. Well worth it. I went whole hog and bought the 2 blu-ray set as well as the 2DVD/4CD set. And, yes, I’m a happy man.

It’s Saturday, and I’m in love again.