Did Edmund Burke Support the American Revolution? ~ The Imaginative Conservative

Again, it is possible that Burke actively disliked the principles of the American Revolution, but there exists no such evidence one way or another. What we do know is that Burke, when pushed, supported the American cause for independence, though he very much lamented the breakdown and breakup of the British commonwealth.

From my perspective, Burke was a vital ally in the cause, as patriotic to the American cause as any American revolutionary leader. He not only defended our cause, he did so in a way that could have easily been regarded as treasonous by his own people.
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  1. wonderful essay on Burke. I think you have a case but as noted many of his opinions were kept to private correspondence. Similarly, Burke probably favored Catholic Emancipation BUT could not openly support this due to the calumnies that he was a secret Jesuit or Catholic himself. His mother and many female relatives and cousins WERE Irish Catholics though he was of the Anglican communion like his father (Church of Ireland)

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