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Greetings fans and friends of Glass Hammer,

Glass Hammer’s A MATTER OF TIME Volume I Download is available now, only at the Glass Hammer Store.  We’re offering 2496 Hi-Res WAV, CD Quality, and MP3 versions, depending on your preference. I personally recommend the 2496 version for the best possible sound.
What fans are telling us: 
“The whole album “A Matter of Time” is filled with sonic delights – highly recommended!”
“The recording, mix, mastering and production is some of your best I’ve ever heard on a Glass Hammer album.”
“Love the new versions, production is impeccable as the usual GH standard”


  1. Lliusion 8:57
  2. Shadows Of The Past 2:46
  3. Something’s Coming 3:25
  4. Song Of The Dunadan 8:34
  5. The Return Of The King 6:41
  6. Domain Walls 4:43
  7. Felix The Cat 2:31
  8. The Mayor Of Longview 5:21
  9. On To Evermore 6:22
  10. Junkyard Angels 9:11
  11. Heaven 8:17

Grabbing A MATTER OF TIME is a great way to show your support and help Glass Hammer move forward with our new projects. Other downloads that are only available at our site: The Ultimate Middle Earth Download, Lex Rex Remastered, Chronomonaut (Hi-Res), Ode To Echo (Hi-Res), The Inconsolable Secret Remastered Tracks (Hi-Res), Breaking Of The World (Hi-Res), Perilous (Hi-Res) and many, many more!

Head to The Glass Hammer Store and grab one of our fantastic downloads. You’ll get a wetransfer link within 24 hours, (usually much faster!).