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Have you seen the latest issue of PROG Magazine? As always, the magazine is filled with exciting news from new and old bands. But, in the latest issue of our eyes fell on the Q&A with Matt Dorsey. Having known Matt for years we are very excited about his debut solo release and pleased that he has allowed us to be a small part of it. Have you heard it? What do you think? We love it, but, then again, we might be biased … 😊
As always, if you know any independent bands or record labels looking for distribution assistance in North America, please feel free to put them in contact with us ( or drop us a message telling us to check them out.
Vonn Zandus is the new solo project from Joe Burns from UK proggers, Guranfoe. This project combines keyboards, synthesizers, drums, marimba and glockenspiel into ecstatic progressive music. There is really no better way to describe this rhythmically complex and melodically vibrant album. If you like vibrant instrumental prog, you should really give this one a try.
Vonn Zandus – The Band Wagon USA

Strange Horizon
Strange Horizon is back and kicking … you know what we mean 😊 The labels we attach to music can be strange and sometimes confusing and one of the reasons we often try to avoid them. Strange Horizon is described as Doom Metal or as they like Blytung Skandinavisk Heavy Metal. What we hear is 70’s inspired hard rock that … yes you know what we mean. No matter how you describe it, this is a great album, with lots of energy that begs to get turned up to 11.
Strange Horizon – The Band Wagon USA
Candles – YouTube

Nick Bohensky & Max N’Adamo
Some of you already know Nick and Max from the band The 16 Deadly Improvs. What you may not know is that they have more to offer. While waiting for the next installment from their band to finish up, these two decided they have more to give and have released the EP Imphilosible. Give them a listen, we know some of you will like this. Physically only available on Vinyl.
Nick Bohensky & Max N’Adamo – The Band Wagon USA
Forwards/Backwards by Nick Bohensky and Max N’Adamo – YouTube
Syllogism – YouTube


Matt Dorsey – Let Go (CD)
Available Now!

Matt Dorsey – The Band Wagon USA

Dave Foster Band – Glimmer (CD, Black Vinyl, Yellow Vinyl)
CD Available Now! (Vinyl delayed until mid-May)

Dave Foster Band – The Band Wagon USA

Waking Dreams – Sliding Lines (CD & Vinyl)
Available Now!

Waking Dreams – The Band Wagon USA

Aisles – Beyond Drama (CD)
Available Now!

Aisles – The Band Wagon USA

Big Big Train – Ingenious Devices (Hoody)
April 19 deadline for pre-orders has passed
May 12 Release

Big Big Train – The Band Wagon USA

Howlin’ Sun – Maxime (CD, Black Vinyl, Transparent Orange Vinyl)
May 19 Release

Howlin’ Sun – The Band Wagon USA

Hex A.D. – Delightful Sharp Edges (CD, Black Vinyl, Transparent Orange Vinyl)
May 26 Release

Hex A.D. – The Band Wagon USA

Strange Horizon – Skur 14 (CD, Black Vinyl, Purple Vinyl)
May 26 Release

Strange Horizon – The Band Wagon USA
Rick Armstrong – Chromosphere (CD)
May/June Release

Rick Armstrong – The Band Wagon USA

Vonn Zandus – Unimortal (CD)
June 9 Release

Vonn Zandus – The Band Wagon USA

Big Big Train – Ingenious Devices (CD, Black Vinyl, Sky Blue Vinyl)
June 30 Release

Big Big Train – The Band Wagon USA

Rita is jetting off today to see some Scottish Heavy Metal band (aka Marillion) in Italy. She claims she is “working”, but Sven isn’t buying it. If you are going to be in Padua, stop by the merch desk and say hello. She’ll be the one who kinda looks like our logo 😉 She will be back on Monday, then home for a week before it is off to Montreal for the Marillion Weekend there. Rita will be working at the merch desk, along with running the charity event, helping supports acts Matt Dorsey and John Young, and orchestrating the John Young solo show on Sunday, May 14. Sven will be busy giving Rita grief for doing too much while performing his duties “herding cats” and whatever else bands and management need. If you catch a glimpse of us, come and say hi, we would love to meet you. Don’t be shy, we don’t bite. Unless we are hungry 😊

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