Our Presidents Have Become God-kings

If we still had a republic, we would NEVER have allowed the kind of ceremony that disgraced the very essence of the Constitution yesterday.

It’s one thing to honor a worthy man for his service, it’s another to bury him as a god-king.

Without getting into his politics, George Bush seems to have been a good father and grandfather. Certainly, his service in World War II against the Japanese imperialists was extraordinary.

But, in the end, he was just a man. And, if a republican, he should have departed as once did Cincinnatus.

President Andrew Jackson even refused a simple monument, noting that real republicans die in peace, not in stone.

Sadly, yesterday’s pageant had far more in common with Caesar than with Cicero. Disgusting and abhorrent.

3 thoughts on “Our Presidents Have Become God-kings”

  1. Agreed. It’s a Spectacle of Secular, Pseudo-Pious Cynicism. The grief of the family is, of course, very real, and no reasonable persons denies the personal goodness and various virtues of the late President Bush. But too much of the funeral and nearly all of the surrounding noise is an exercise in posturing, preening, and virtue-signaling—mostly be people who have no interest in authentic virtue. But we have to admit that the Cult of the Presidency has been alive and well (so to speak) for over a century, and shows no signs of abating. May God grant President Bush peace, and may God grant us the wisdom to see through and resist the Cult of the Empero—er, President.

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