Geddy Lee Refuses to ‘Live Off the Fumes’ of His Past: Interview

Well, one thing you do learn over time—and especially playing so many different instruments—is that your sound comes from here in your fingertips. [Lee makes a gesture with his hands, like playing bass.] You know, you can put Jaco Pastorius’ bass in your hands and you can make a couple of notes that sort of sound like Jaco, but the longer you play it, the less you will sound like Jaco. Only Jaco sounds like Jaco, and [with] most great players, the same thing is true. And that’s a transportable thing, because it’s your personality coming out with the instrument in your hands. So that’s something that’s been reinforced by this collection for me
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Say what you want about his voice, Geddy Lee is brimming with talent, energy, and integrity. My hero.