John Elefante’s Song “This Time” More Poignant Than Ever

We live in what is possibly the most despicably wicked era since the ancient Canaanites threw infants into fires as sacrifices to Moloch. At least the ancient Romans who left their babies to die on trash heaps gave those children the opportunity to be rescued by Christians. Abortion is evil and morally wrong at any point in a pregnancy, but now we have morons in public office saying women should be allowed to decide to “abort” their baby AFTER it has been born. And these same politicians lecture us about the morality of looking for measures to stop illegal human trafficking and drug trafficking into this country. These “leaders” remind us how truly lost we are without the saving grace of Jesus Christ and His Holy Spirit who sanctifies us from our wicked beliefs and desires. Shame on church leaders of all denominations who fail to denounce this extreme level of evil. We should be talking and praying about it at every church service and taking appropriate actions against those church members who refuse to repent of their support for this vile practice.

On his 2013 album “On My Way to the Sun,” former Kansas singer John Elefante included a song called “This Time” about the story of how his adopted daughter had almost been aborted. This story ends well, but it is a reminder that not every similar story ends on a happy note.